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Lubricant Solutions

Lab Check Total Fluid Diagnostics

Enjoy the largest proprietary oil analysis database in the country with Castrol’s Labcheck. Track the performance of your lubricant and more importantly – your equipment, monitor the results of wear and contamination as they occur and easily customize how you receive reports from hard copies to over the internet.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Advanced software combines the know how of industry leading lubrication specialists with the advanced feature of data mining. Utilize our extensive oil analysis database to maximize the life of your equipment and optimize oil drains.

In- Plant Services & Support

We provide direction on when and where to use the proper lubricant to fit your equipment needs. Let our lubrication consultant’s work with your personnel to ensure the correct lubrication for critical equipment. We can help document your current maintenance practices and recommend improvements to lower your cost of doing business.

Inventory Management

Let us help take the time and trouble out of your inventory management problems by minimizing run outs through a vendor inventory management system. Our systems include traditional min / max restocking to advanced state of the art electronic monitoring of your bulk inventory.

Product & Vendor Consolidation

Get the best from your vendors and simplify your business. We can help you find the best products for all your application needs while providing specific documentation to help you better understand why you have them, and how they are best used.

Oil Filtration Services

Are your oil costs too high? Are you paying to dispose of your used oil? Are you getting the most life out of your oil? Enjoy the benefits of our on-site filtration and dewatering services and help cut your total lubricant cost in half.

Lubrication Consultants

Let us be your on-site lubricant consultant. Our professional personnel are trained to handle your lubrication, application, and equipment needs. We offer everything from OSHA approved hand held containers for lubricants all the way to recommendations on full lubrication systems.