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Castrol is widely acknowledged as the world's leading specialist provider of lubricant solutions. With more than one hundred years of experience in satisfying the customers needs', they remain as committed today to providing the most technically advanced lubricants and services as when Charles "Cheers" Wakefield had founded the company.

Known best for their experience in developing lubricants for cars and bikes, Castrol also produces lubricants that directly effect our daily lives, in less noticeable ways... such as in gas and electricity production, transport industries, construction and earth moving vehicles, refrigeration, metalworking and plastics, not forgetting lubricants for the marine sector and for industry in general.

As a vital component of every internal combustion engine on earth, Castrol oil keeps the wheels of industry moving and helps you perform better.

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Phillips 66 Help Desk (630) 584-2505

As the fourth- largest finished lubricants supplier in the United State, Phillips 66 offers consumers four premier brands, including 76 lubricants, Conoco, Phillips 66 and Kendall Motor oil. Phillips 66 strives to conduct business with the integrity and pride for which the brand is renowned. Proud to provide high-quality products and reliable service, known as the lubricant that "Gets it Done" and "Keeps you Movin".

Phillips 66 is a worldwide innovator in exploration and production of lubricant products. The brand has serviced a variety of industries, including automotive, aviation, agriculture, construction, snowmobile, motorcycle, marine and industrial segments.

Dominion Brand Management
Dominion Brand Management

Brand Management

Dominion Help Desk (630) 584-2505

Dominion 3 Heavy Duty & PCMO Motor Oils are formulated from quality base stocks combined with advanced detergent-dispersant, antioxidant, anti-wear agent, friction modifier, and defoamant additives. These oils provide an excellent protection against sludge, engine rust, and corrosion under severe low temperature operating conditions.

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ENI Help Desk (630) 584-2505

Eni has always been involved in the research and production of high performance lubricants for all types of engines; from the first synthetic oils more than thirty years ago to the current high quality products.

At a time of great technological specialization, in which the evolution of engines has led to the lubricant becoming a real component of the engine, the vast and diverse range of Eni lubricants is able to provide the right response to the lubrication needs of every engine and the needs of each user. From motorcycle engines to the most sophisticated sports vehicles, from powerful diesel trucks to agricultural tractors, from electrical energy generation turbines to the giant engines for shipbuilding industry; for each application, there is always an Eni product able to ensure high performance, long oil change intervals, complete user satisfaction and environmental compatibility.Eni’s lubricant formulations meet the various lubricating needs of all kinds of vehicles produced by manufacturers.Eni's research and development provides continuous updates of the range of lubricants in order to guarantee products that are in line with the increasingly strict specifications of manufacturers, low SAPS formulating needs and an increased search for improved fuel economy. Click on link to portal above to learn more about our product line.