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Brand Management

BP Help Desk: 888-274-3578

Bp Connection Dealer Portal: Help Desk number, Option 3,3,3

Network Questions: Help Desk number, 3,1

Credit Card Questions: Help Desk Number, Option 3,1,1

Loyalty & Price Roll Back: Help Desk number, Option 3,1,4

Order POP Materials: Help Desk number, Option 3,3,2

Order Gift Cards (SVM): 800-750-3064

Order Applications & Holders Help Desk number, Option 3,3

Uniforms & Name Tags (Affinity) 866-548-8434

Gilbarco Passport Help desk:

VeriFone / Help desk: 800-519-7225

Bp Fleet Card: Gary Downing 630-877-5783

Bp Managed ATM: 714-259-7996

WiFi Hotspot Inquiries: 800-451-0758

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Brand Management

CITGO Help Desk: 800-533-3421

Payment Card Operations: 800-423-8434

Order Applications, Holders, POP materials: 800-805-8492

Order Gift Cards:

Uniforms (Cintas): 800-543-4450

Gilbarco Passport Help Desk: 800-800-7498

VeriFone Ruby Help Desk: 800-519-7225

Fleet Card Services:

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Clark Help Desk

Client Services customerservice@clarkbrands.com 1-877-GO-CLARK (877-462-5275) Choose Option (9)

Credit Cad Applications/ Holders - (630) 355-8918

World Pay Customer Support Center 1-877-GO-CLARK (877-462-5275) Choose Option (3)

First Data Support Center 1-877-GO-CLARK (877-462-5275) Choose Option (4)

EchoSat Communications Help Desk 1-877-GO-CLARK (877-462-5275) Choose Option (5)

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Brand Management

MARATHON Help Desk: 800-537-9580

Credit Card Services: 800-352-2422

Gilbarco Help Desk: 800-800-7498

VeriFone Help Desk: 888-428-8384

Uniforms (Affinity Apparel) 800-543-9698

Acrylic Holders: 800-537-9580

Marathon Visa Applications: 800-662-2534 Option 2

Manual Paper Invoices: 800-782-4892

Marathon Fleet: 815-521-0906

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Brand Management

MOBIL Help Desk: 800-231-4674

Credit Card Services: 800-231-4674

Dealer Support: 800-947-9147

Network Support: 800-231-1122

Gilbarco Help Desk: 800-800-7498

VeriFone Help Desk: 800-519-7225

Applications, Holders: 800-782-4892

CC Acceptance Decals, Credit Card Guide:

RPM - Allows dealer to order Gift Cards, POP, Uniforms, Etc.

Accessing RPM: 800-947-9147

RPM Support: 800-636-4767

ExxonMobil Fleet: 810-867-7002

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Brand Management

SHELL Help Desk: 866-309-4657

Solutions Center: 866-447-4355

Gilbarco Help Desk: 800-800-7498

VeriFone Help Desk: 800-519-7225

Megapath Help Desk: 714-327-2180

Cybera Help Desk: 866-429-2372

CC Applications & FRN Brochures: 800-762-5213

Application Holders: 800-762-5213

Gift Cards: 888-743-5505

Uniforms & Name Tages (GK Direct): 888-543-9698

Shell Fleet Card: 800-377-5150

Parent Petroleum offers a comprehensive Imaging package for both New to Industry or Competitive Brand Conversions. We offer assistance with all image requirements from beginning to end and in compliance with local regulations. This includes complete imaging of the facility to brand specification, MID price sign, canopy fascia, dispenser identification with valances and painting of forecourt.

To request more information on obtaining a package for your facility click here

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